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How to sell textile design?

Looking to sell your textile designs to businesses can be an exciting and rewarding journey. You have gained expertise as a textile designer and have put together an impressive portfolio, now the question arises: how to monetize your artistic creations? There are a myriad of possibilities.

Whether working full time, selling specific works from your collection, collaborating with print studios, marketing your creations online, or freelancing, there are many avenues open to you. Some experienced textile designers venture down several of these paths simultaneously. However, rather than feeling overwhelmed by all these options, we'll take a closer look, discuss the positives and the challenges, to help you navigate and choose the strategy that's best for you.

Selling your textile creations online

Selling your textile creations on online platforms like French Design is an excellent option. A solution that is simple to adopt and implement, attractive, whatever your career level. The platform offers you unparalleled creative freedom, you can create and sell anything you imagine.

It is fair to note that, as with any open market, competition on platforms like French Design can be considerable. With a large number of designers sharing their works, it can take time to build a strong following and regularly sell your designs to different brands. That said, being discovered on such a platform has significant advantages. Not only can you continue to profit from your designs already online, but you can also have the opportunity to work on specific projects at the request of companies or brands. Additionally, French Design offers fairer compensation to designers, which is a nice bonus.


Full-time work as a textile designer

Another option is to seek full-time employment as a textile designer. It's true that this path offers some stability, a regular income, benefits, and the opportunity to learn in-depth about other aspects of the industry.

However, it is important to note that full-time work can be demanding and might not offer the flexibility or freedom that other paths can provide. Additionally, working for a brand, your creativity might be somewhat limited to the brand's specific needs and aesthetic. Also, full-time work opportunities in this field can be rare, due to the budgetary constraints of many brands.


Collaboration with studios and agencies

Finally, another viable option is to sell your textile designs through studios and agencies. These companies serve as a bridge between the artists and the brands that purchase the designs.

Although this option has its advantages, it is important to note that you will generally only be paid when your designs are sold. This means you may need to produce a significant volume of work before you see any significant income.

In conclusion, each path has its advantages and challenges. To succeed in selling textile designs, it is crucial to be patient, adaptable and willing to explore multiple avenues. The goal is to find the combination that suits you best and allows you to balance your passion for creating with the need to generate income.