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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can a design be purchased on the platform ?

The designs offered on our marketplace are sold under a non-exclusive license (not an exclusive license), which means that the same design can be purchased and used by several buyers.

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How many times can a purchased design be reproduced ?

Whether for personal use or for commercial production, our non-exclusive license allows you to use the purchased design worldwide and for a period of 10 years. However, you cannot sublicense the purchased design. You can use the drawing to :

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Why do the prices vary from design to design ?

The price of a design is applied according to its size in cm (small size, medium size and large size). The price of the same drawing also varies depending on the types of files you choose to acquire : all the drawings are available in JPG format and most also offer the editable source file (.AI vector format or .PSD layers) for a slightly higher rate.

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What types of patterns can I find ?

The digital designs are ready to use for your art projects : you will find seamless designs (which repeat indefinitely), seamless horizontal designs (which repeat horizontally only) and placement designs (without repeating).

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What files will I receive ?

Once your order has been paid, you can download the ZIP folder of the purchased design. This folder contains a JPEG file. If you have chosen the source file option, the ZIP folder also contains the editable source file in vector files .AI (or .EPS) format or in Photoshop layers .PSD format depending on the drawing. All downloadable files are in high resolution (300 dpi).

What is the difference between a .PSD and .AI (or .EPS) file ?

An image in PSD (Photoshop) format cannot be enlarged without loss of definition. This means that if you decide to enlarge a .PSD drawing, the drawing will lose quality (pixelated drawing). This type of format can be edited with Adobe Photoshop.

An AI (illustrator) or EPS (other vectoring software) format file, on the other hand, is expandable, which means that you can reduce and increase the scale of the drawing without losing quality and smoothness. This type of file can be edited with vectorization software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Can I modify a design that I have purchased ?

If you have purchased a drawing with its .PSD (Photoshop layers) or .AI / .EPS (Vector files) source file, you can edit this source file to possibly modify the colors and / or the print scale (be careful if you decide to enlarge a drawing. PSD, the drawing will lose quality, the drawing will be pixelated).

What payment methods are accepted for online purchases ?

Secure payment is provided by Credit Card (CB, Visa, Mastercard)

Refund policy

We do not offer refunds or exchanges once the design is purchased. However, if you experience technical issues with your files within 7 days of your purchase, please contact us by email or through our contact form.

And after : Where can I print my designs?

You will find some tips to help you customize and personalize fabrics or textile products with your newly acquired French Design patterns in our guide.

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