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Promote the french touch and earn up to 10% on each sale.

You love the designs you've seen on French Design by Textile Addict and you want to speak about about them to all your friends ? Become part of our affiliate program so you can offer a discount code to your audience and earn on each sale done with your discount code.

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Post your application through the dedicated form. Our team will evaluate your demand and contact you back.

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Disseminate your unique affiliation code to your audience who will be able to benefit from a 10% reduction on their purchase thanks to you.

Earn commissions

3. Earn high rewards

Earn 10% commission on each sale that uses your affiliate code !

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Who can be affiliated with French Design by TEXTILE ADDICT ?

Our affiliate program is open to:

Designers in our community can also join our affiliate program : They only need to create a customer account in addition to their designer account.

Who are the clients that you can advertise the patterns to ?

The designs sold on French Design by Textile Addict are ready-made to be printed or used as illustrations in the fashion and home textile sector (clothing fabrics, fashion accessories, furnishing fabrics, decorative accessories, linens). home, bed linen, etc.), wall and floor coverings (wallpaper, etc.), stationery and card making (notebooks, office accessories, note cards, etc.), industry (automobile , medical, etc.), design (tableware, furniture, decoration, etc.) and visual communication (website, advertising, poster, packaging, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

How does the Affiliate Program work?

You can share textile designs available on French Design by TEXTILE ADDICT with your audience using a unique affiliate code and earn money from sales generated by your affiliate code. On a win-win system, you allow your audience to obtain a 10% reduction on their purchase and you receive a commission of 10% excluding tax (after deduction of the customer promotion). The price of the designs sold may vary depending on the size of the designs (See the price list).

We propose free graphic resources ready to be inserted on your media to you to make it easy your communications.

How do I track my earnings?

In complete transparency, our affiliate tracking software allows you to track your earnings in your French Design by TEXTILE ADDICT account in real time. You have an overview of your current earnings and your already paid earnings.

When do I receive payment?

At the start of each quarter we check if you have earned at least €50. If you do so, you automatically receive a payment of the commissions you earned during the previous quarter by bank transfer or Paypal transfer. At the end of each fiscal year, you receive a payment of the commissions even if the amount you earned is lower than €50.

How do I register for this program?

All bloggers, content creators and influencers with a website or social network can participate in this program by requesting registration subject to acceptance of the request by Textile Addict according to its own selection criteria.

Register for the program by creating a customer account and then providing your reasons for joining our program on the registration form. We will review your application and will act on it if you meet the required conditions.

Still have questions ?

If you cannot find answers to your problem in our FAQs, please write to us at frenchdesign© We will answer to you within 2 working days.

Become an affiliate partner

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