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French Design by Textile Addict si dedicated to sell patterns created by french designers only. The selected designers are picked up for their artistic and professional qualities among the most impressive french artists in the world of design patterns.

The licences of patterns sold on French Design by Textile Addict may be acquired by clients from all around the world.

Why do french designers sell their designs on French Design by TEXTILE ADDICT?


Give their most beautiful unsold items a second chance

Sell with french design

Multiply the sales of each design and increase their earnings tenfold

sell internationally

Sell their designs worldwide without worrying about marketing and unpaid bills

How does it work ?

french pattern designer

French designers apply to be part of our community of French textile designers with a strong style

download pattern

They upload their designs


They receive your payments without doing anything extra!

Why do french designers join us?

Each season, 75% of the designs created by a French designer are not sold. 60% of them are even put aside or end up being thrown away*. At a time when recycling is more relevant than ever, we offer you the opportunity to give a second chance to the best unsold items of the season!

*according to the Textile Addict 2020 survey of 39 independent textile designers

Increase their income by selling their drawings in unlimited numbers

Thanks to our non-exclusive license for the buyers, the same design can be sold to an infinite number of customers and can potentially generate significant income on its own.

All customers who fall in love with a design can buy it immediately to print it on their collections (whether these are confidential or large) or to bring their project to life. This way designers may multiply the sales of each of their designs and increase their profits.

Find international customers

TEXTILE ADDICT attracts more and more customers focused on textiles, fashion, decoration and design in general. With a community of more than 30,000 professionals in this sector (in 2023), we provide a large portfolio of customers and ensure the visibility of creations internationally. 90% of the designers* feel the need to be supported in marketing their creations. You can finally devote yourself to what you do best, create!

Who can post Designs on French Design by Textile Addict?

At Textile Addict we have the desire to promote Made in France creation. Consequently our platform is open exclusively to professional designers registered in France.

To join our community of designers, click on “Become a designer” and provide the requested information so that we can study your profile and your style. We opt for a limited number of places so as not to overload the offer.

So that each chosen designer finds their place and can exploit their full potential, we try to put together a team with varied styles, able to respond to a wide demand and offer a panel of very rich designs, covering all the themes proposed.

Also, the quality of the patterns proposed is essential, we are therefore vigilant as to the technical know-how of the designers: all the patterns proposed with a repetition must be perfectly made, without error or repetition defect. This is an essential condition for the proper functioning of the platform.

How do french designers sell patterns on French Design by Textile Addict?

Once their profile has been approved, they can start uploading their designs.

To support designers, we provide a technical guide which contains all the information you need to meet our technical constraints and optimize the sale of your designs on the platform (format, size, rehearsals, etc.). This technical guide is available once the registration of the designer has been validated.

Each design posted may contain up to 2 files: a .ZIP containing a high definition JPEG (300dpi) and a .ZIP containing an editable .PSD or .AI/.EPS source file if applicable.

The proposed patterns may be a placement pattern or an in repeat pattern (in repeat seamless, or in repeat seamless horizontal).

Exclusive designs on French Design by Textile Addict

When designers integrate our designer platform, they agree to offer exclusive creations for sale on the platform for the duration they wish (at least during 1 month). All designs proposed on French Design By TEXTILE ADDICT cannot be sold in parallel on other channels as long as they are sold on our marketplace. This does not prevent designers from selling other distinct patterns elsewhere (no copying, variations of a design comprising one or more common elements). Drawings for which designers have already assigned the exploitation and reproduction rights in the past cannot naturally be sold on French Design by Textile Addict.

Creations sold under non-exclusive license

We use a single license to sell patterns to the buyers: the non-exclusive license, whether for personal use or for commercial production, available for 10 years without limit of support and territory within the limit of respecting the Copyright. The customer does not benefit from any exclusivity, the design can be purchased by several buyers as long as it is available on our platform.

Protection of creations

Committed to respecting the work of artists, we are seeking the same values in our community of designers. This is why only the designers' own designs can be published on the platform. They cannot contain, in whole or in part, any graphic or visual element that does not belong to them.


A designer earns 50% of the amount excluding tax from sales of their designs purchased via our platform (excluding promotions and possible discounts).

With complete transparency, designers are able to track all their sales and earnings in their designer account.

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Generate more earnings by promoting patterns

Afiliates may benefit from a 10% affiliate commission by subscribing to our affiliate program: by promoting self made creations or those of other designers, any Affiliate may generate earnings on sales triggered by their affiliate code. (To benefit from affiliation, it will be needed to create a customer account appart of an eventual designer account.)