Illustration of a textile marketplace

Why a textile design marketplace?

Why choose a marketplace like French Design?

Selling on the Internet is becoming more and more important for merchants. In order to diversify their sources of online income, many creators today integrate marketplaces into their e-commerce strategy. But what are their advantages? A marketplace is a platform that connects sellers and buyers to offer them various products and services. It plays the role of guarantor between the two parties by offering them a reliable payment solution. According to FEVAD, marketplaces represented 30% of the business volume of e-commerce sites in 2018, or 16% more than in 2017. This increase shows that for many VSEs/SMEs, marketplaces contribute to 11% to 21% of their turnover.

So, what are the advantages of selling on marketplaces? First of all, they can offer additional visibility at lower cost, and thus make it possible to reach new customers. In addition, they act as a trusted third party and guarantee payments (and protect against legal risks, particularly linked to the originality of textile designs), which reduces the risk of non-payment and marketing costs.

However, each marketplace has its own conditions and operation. Some are very selective about the sellers they accept, while others are more open. The quality that a marketplace can guarantee is precisely due to this level of requirement and specialization. Thus French Design innovates by offering a site which gives pride of place to French designers. Cock-a-doodle Doo ! Alongside this specificity, we place no limitations on the types of designs that designers can display within their collection.

The advantages of a site specializing in textile design and surface design

Marketplaces are a very interesting and profitable way to sell your products online. Indeed, several advantages should be considered compared to a traditional e-commerce site. We will give you 7 good reasons to sell a design on a marketplace rather than on a traditional e-commerce site.

In conclusion, a marketplace like French Design offers sellers a large number of advantages compared to traditional e-commerce sites. It provides instant visibility, is easy and less expensive to use than most other solutions, offers an additional source of income, provides support and creative emulation, and is more secure. This is the best method to stay focused on your job as a designer.