Different geometric patterns illustrating the different existing designs

Enhance your interior decoration with geometric patterns

Much more than simple lines and shapes, geometric patterns are not limited to circles, squares, triangles, diamonds and other parallelepipeds. In the world of art and design, they bring together all abstract and non-figurative patterns and can be composed of straight or curved lines.

Very simple, impactful and visually attractive at the same time, geometric patterns often serve as an anchor point for the eye. These popular decorative designs can be used alone, used in complex patterns or combined with all kinds of other patterns: floral, plant-based, ethnic, textured, etc.

This guide invites you to discover the aesthetic potential of geometric patterns, essential decorative elements to liven up the interior.

Trendy colors and shapes

Squares, tiles and grids

More than ever, repetitive square shapes have their place at home. The current trend gives pride of place to the two-tone or multi-colored checkerboard pattern, an asset for moving the lines and giving rhythm to the interior.

In this large family of patterns and prints, we find a number of grid patterns directly inspired by the textile world. This is the case of tartan, the famous checkered pattern of Scottish kilts, which we do not hesitate to divert from its traditional colors to decline in earthy and very natural shades. Also classic but more rural, gingham is popular, always playing the classic color duos (red, blue or pink and white) or in shades very much in tune with the times: khaki, brown, cobalt blue, lilac, lemon Green…

work by François Morellet with square geometric patternsFrançois Morellet


Their retro style combines perfectly with vintage atmospheres: in small touches to avoid overload, diamonds are welcome. They are perfect for breaking the monotony in a room, giving some pep to a decoration inspired by the 1950s, or enhancing a fun and colorful atmosphere.


Simple, dynamic and rigorous, stripes are a strong and timeless pattern. In decoration, this recurring theme is never far from trends. There are so many ways to style them that they can be combined with different styles, from the most classic to the most current. Wide bands or fine stripes, regular or not, horizontal, vertical or diagonal, nothing is forbidden! In black and white or bright colors, they bring a graphic and modern note. Dressed in muted or pastel colors, they are right on trend today.

work by Carlos Cruz-Diez with geometric striped patternsCarlos Cruz-Diez, Induction du Jaune Rioja , 2014 


Hatching, pointillism, marbling, tye and dye... the possibilities offered by patterns with texture effects seem limitless. Almost figurative when they imitate reality line for line (fake wood, fake marble...) they can also draw inspiration from it to better sublimate it! Color spots, lines, pixels and brushstrokes thus become abstract patterns in their own right.

Printed on textile or paper, these prints are perfect for giving relief to surfaces or giving a trompe-l'oeil effect... This wide range of designs lends itself easily to contemporary atmospheres, particularly with terrazzo, terrazzo or camouflage patterns. , easy to integrate into a contemporary space. Available in neutral shades (gray, sand, beige, ecru, etc.) they are a key element of neo-minimalist interiors.

Psychedelic patterns

Want an unusual decoration, imbued with the spirit of the sixties and seventies? Dare to use psychedelic patterns! These pop creations invite you to travel back in time to freely reinterpret lines and colors. A wind of carefreeness and freedom blows through these exuberant geometric patterns available in bold color ranges. Mustard yellow, olive green, orange, Klein blue, hot pink or mauve... the principle is simple: for shapes as for colors, nothing is forbidden!

The peas

Polka dots have recently made a notable comeback in decoration. Whatever its size, the famous polka dot is a must-have at home. Carpets, lighting, cushions, wallpaper, floor coverings, this timeless pattern likes to combine with other graphic themes (stripes, grids, diamonds, etc.) A pattern to be preferred in two-tone variations rather than multi-colored, the most popular colors Popular remain black and white for their irresistible simplicity, but also gray and white and more generally, neutral color themes, as well as pastel colors.

The art of pattern

Always trendy, geometric patterns freely inspired by a style of painting or by the work of an artist are perfect for decorative pieces such as a rug, cushions, bed linen or wallpaper... Number of designs based on geometric abstractions thus borrow from abstract art or optical illusions (pop art, kinetic art, minimalism, tachism...) The style of a geometric pattern then becomes an artistic wink referring to renowned painters and sculptors ranging from Nicolas Dubreuille to Arièle Rozowy via Brent Hallard, Carlos Cruz-Diez and François Morellet, to name just a few.

plates decorated with colorful and trendy geometric patterns

On which decorative elements should you use your geometric patterns?


Rugs are strong pieces, sometimes real works of art. They always benefit from being highlighted by becoming the key elements of a successful decoration. They thus support the most assertive patterns and constitute an unlimited playground for integrating geometric patterns into the home. Checkered, textured, decorated with a placed geometric pattern or a psychedelic design, they contribute to the harmony and balance of a room by judiciously attracting the eye.

Sublime rug with a trendy geometric pattern

Cushions and throws

Essential for a cozy, neat and personalized decor down to the smallest detail, cushions and throws are accessories with high added value in an interior. They can thus break up the uniformity of an imposing sofa, bring character and touches of color to a slightly dull armchair... Excellent reasons to give them the space they deserve by highlighting them with geometric patterns!

trendy zigzag geometric pattern used for a cushion


While covering all of the walls of a room with geometric patterns remains a possible option in specific contexts, it is always risky. Delicacy and moderation are therefore essential to integrate colorful wallpapers with stripes, polka dots and grids into your home without any missteps. A simple section of wall, a vertical strip, the covering of a headboard, the covering of a niche or a splashback in a kitchen is often enough for geometric patterns to bring dynamism. to a room without monopolizing attention. The only exception: tone-on-tone patterns and monochrome embossed textures, whose discretion is more compatible with large surfaces.

typical geometric patterns for interior wallpaper

Curtains and sheers

Curtains and sheers are strategic points for developing a successful decoration, because they allow you to structure the volumes by working on vertical lines. Curtains decorated with geometric patterns can thus become centerpieces in an interior, recalling for example a graphic theme present in the room (polka dots, squares, chevrons, zig-zag, etc.). A curtain printed with geometric patterns allows you to him to play with transparencies, shadow and light by filtering it in a subtle way.


The success of bed linen decorated with geometric patterns continues unabated. Comfortable in the privacy of a bedroom, bed sets and pillowcases instantly add a personalized touch. Graphic or minimalist spirit, contemporary freshness or explosion of invigorating shapes and colors... It's good to adopt the simplicity of geometric patterns to spend beautiful nights in a tailor-made atmosphere!