Very trendy geometric and floral pattern in art deco style

Art Deco geometric and floral patterns: between trend and tradition, our advice

What is the art deco textile style?

Textile designs have often been influenced by various movements, notably the Art Deco movement. The Art Deco textile style, as its name suggests, derives from the Art Deco movement, the abbreviation of Decorative Arts. Historically, this corresponds to Art Nouveau which is very exuberant and calls for the massive use of different ornaments and bright colors. The Art Deco textile style was born during the Roaring Twenties (1910-1939), and it is resolutely oriented towards modernity. Indeed, Art Deco motifs represent the craze for mechanics and rationality. This is reflected, for example, by straight lines and geometric shapes that emphasize symmetry. In the past, the Art Deco textile style was aimed at a very refined and relatively wealthy clientele, and at that time Art Deco conveyed elegance and above all avant-gardism.

The Art Deco textile pattern today

Due to the discretion and sobriety of the majority of art deco motifs, Art Deco textile models have long suffered from an austere and cold reputation, but this is not the case! Indeed, the Art Deco textile style has never denied itself anything in terms of the variety of different patterns and different backgrounds. From classic textile patterns with natural themes such as flower and fruit patterns, to more complex shapes such as geometric, symbolic shapes or even with an abstract style. The Art Deco textile movement therefore covered a lot of different styles.

Today, Art Deco motifs are once again intruding into our interior decoration and even our outfits. However, we are no longer talking about a total Art Deco look but rather a few small touches in a nod to the Roaring Twenties. The use of small pieces with Art Deco patterns such as cushions or wallpaper with geometric patterns add a chic and vintage dimension to your interior decoration. As for your clothing style, using an Art Deco floral textile pattern could enhance your outfits, and why not dress up a dress or a shirt with these patterns that are more fashionable than ever!

Art Deco interior with pink sofa and classic-style wallpaper


Reasons to opt for the Art Deco geometric textile pattern

In order to create vintage and elegant interiors, the Art Deco textile pattern of choice is undoubtedly the geometric pattern. Geometric patterns coupled with accessories made from materials such as bronze, gold or even marble bring unparalleled style to your interior decorations.

In fact, the deep colors contrast with the metallic colors, for a chic and vintage look in your room! To completely create this Art Deco atmosphere, using wallpaper with geometric patterns on a black or white background is by far the ideal solution. But in reality you have a multitude of alternatives at your disposal. Indeed, for example cushions or even curtains lend themselves perfectly to Art Deco geometric textile patterns, these can therefore bring a retro touch to your room, more discreet than wallpaper. The choice is therefore endless, you must above all create a space that suits you! Finally, as you will have understood, the geometric Art Deco pattern lends itself especially to interior decoration elements such as bedding products (cushion, fitted sheet, or duvet).

geometric pattern in art deco style

Why choose Art Deco floral designs

The big trend of the moment in terms of textile patterns is of course the use of floral patterns on outfits. And Art Deco patterns are no exception to this trend! For outfits with refined and sparkling designs, the Art Deco floral pattern is undoubtedly the solution. The palette of different colors offers you numerous possibilities of styles, all rich and relevant to develop the visual grammar that you wish to deploy. The different shades allow you to obtain different effects:

With floral patterns, colors and flowers are in the spotlight, to the great pleasure of our eyes and fans of the “retro” look! It has never been easier to enhance fabric and your textile collection.

The complementarity of these two reasons

However, for those who cannot make a choice, the geometric and floral Art Deco patterns are sometimes very complementary. For example, the famous geometric rose model is one of the most iconic motifs of the Art Deco style. This one is a hybrid of these two styles of patterns, and it is a success! Available with a pastel background or conversely very dark, the result is simply sublime. 

the most iconic geometric rose pattern of the Art Deco style