Very trendy floral pattern to decorate your clothes

Which floral patterns should you choose depending on its use ?

Floral patterns illustrate a principle well known to creatives, according to which nature provides inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

Constantly reinvented, flowers and plants are part of the timeless themes that designers from all backgrounds continually address. In fashion as in decoration, the floral pattern is quite simply one of the most popular and best-selling categories of prints. This universe is prolific, rich in influences, colors and relatively easy to tame. The proof in examples, with ideas to help you use floral patterns with style.

Floral designs for textiles and fashion

Tiny or imposing, wildly tangled or neatly arranged in a bouquet, luxuriant or very refined, flowers spread freely in fashion and textiles.

In the form of placed or all-over patterns, floral prints accentuate a strong piece, bring pep to accessories or can be worn as a total look. Let's take a look at floral designs that are particularly suitable for fashion.

Botanical inspiration on clothing and accessories

The beauty of the world in all its reality regularly finds its way into fashion. All in finesse and precision, the designs inspired by flowers multiply the nods to the botanical representations of yesteryear. An area in which designers excel! These strikingly realistic floral patterns can be excellent excuses for style exercises, placed on a long dress, an accessory or a t-shirt. The biggest houses willingly allow themselves to be charmed by this timeless theme, like at Dior, whose silk squares and cashmere shawls appear like delicate herbariums.

floral pattern in pop colors ideal for a jacket

Pop influence

Nothing like a pop floral pattern and flashy shades to energize a silhouette. The spirit that animates the works of Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami is found in numerous floral prints in bright colors, on a black or white background. Joyfully daring themes, perfect for the warm seasons and easy to apply on pieces of lingerie, swimsuits, bags and accessories or on clothing with a strong style.

Never without a floral dress

Just like floral patterns, the floral dress is a constant in women's fashion trends. On the other hand, this essential piece has changed a lot since Laura Ashley's creations, bending to successive influences without losing its charm... Short or long, vintage or bohemian, decorated with paisley patterns, Indian or tropical flowers, it reigns as a centerpiece in women's wardrobes, especially in summer. With a marked trend for long, flowing dresses, adorned with multi-colored or monochrome all-over prints, or with a single large, sophisticated placed pattern.

typical liberty floral patterns for summer dresses

Liberty print, freshness and subtlety

This sweet basic is characterized by a profusion of very small multicolored flowers. Even if it is one of the most discreet floral patterns, it is commonly accepted that its delicate freshness benefits from being distilled in light touches, in the form of details rather than in large areas. Except for flowing dresses and classic children's fashion, which always give it pride of place on special occasions! Revisited liberty version, it becomes more airy, more graphic and refined, including in the ranges of colors used. In the classic version, its vintage style can be combined with other simple and graphic patterns (polka dots, stripes, etc.) or play in monochrome with other floral patterns.

Floral patterns detached from gender stereotypes

In broad terms, flower patterns are still associated with the eternal feminine, but women no longer have the exclusivity. A sign of the times, designers are integrating floral patterns into men's collections without the slightest hesitation, from the most formal to the most casual outfits... and no longer just on ties, pocket squares, bow ties (and Hawaiian shirts!), t-shirts casual, playfully adorned with a single flower or a bouquet to a fully floral 3-piece suit, men's trends also display a perfect mastery of the language of flowers.

pair of curtains enhanced by a trendy pattern

The floral pattern for breathtaking home decoration

Bring a delicate touch to a contemporary space, create a country atmosphere in a living room, add a baroque touch to a bathroom, bring softness and fantasy to a child's bedroom... everything is possible with floral patterns ! They are possible in every room of the house and on all supports. Cushions, curtains, wallpaper, household linen: they flourish everywhere indoors, printed on paper or textile, with the advantage of never fading! What are the patterns to favor in decoration and how to use them?

A child's bedroom with floral motifs

Flowers are also one of the popular motifs for decorating a child's room. They can be found on a soft carpet, wallpaper covering a section of wall, cushions or bed linen... Graphic daisies, delicate dandelions, cherry blossoms or patterns inspired by Indian canvases play with powdery, pastel and natural colors or more intense to brighten up a cozy nest. The simple and stylish designs

play their role perfectly: to rock little ones’ dreams!

floral pattern used for wallpapers with a vintage look

Floral maximalism: flowers in panoramic version

Neo-romanticism is expressed on panoramic wallpaper: a particularly original and decorative way of emphasizing a larger-than-life floral theme. In light shades, it is decorated with subtle flowers such as iris, lotus or water lilies in homage to Monet. In deep shades, the all-over floral prints ideally accompany an intimate and cozy art nouveau atmosphere. In a watercolor style, they are inspired by botanical plates to be displayed on a headboard panel or a screen. These ideas, to remember and put into practice, also make it possible to enhance a space and structure it thanks to a wall covered with XXL flowers or decorated with a sophisticated plant fresco, available in soft and natural shades.

Tropical flowers for a warm atmosphere

Why not tame the exuberance of nature and open the doors of the house to it, in a bedroom or living room? The shapes and dazzling colors of Hibiscus, Tillandsia, birds of paradise, passion flowers and frangipani have always amazed artists, starting with the naive art of Douanier Rousseau. The opposite of quiet luxury, the design reinterprets this sublimated vision of tropical flora to create vibrant patterns in tangy and luminous palettes.

Twist the decor with floral patterns with a playful spirit

Who has never imagined flowers in simple spots of color or geometric shapes? The most modern floral patterns go to the essential, without being afraid of the unusual, or of playing the game of mix and match. Vectors of emotion in contemporary interiors, representations of abstract flowers integrate into Scandinavian-inspired, minimalist decor or combine with other motifs, bordering on kitsch to capture the present moment and reflect desires creatives of the moment. Hanging curtains, curtains, rugs, sofa throws... floral patterns in bold and bright colors invade spaces, from the bedroom to the living room and from the kitchen to the office, with the sole objective of creating a good mood without constraints.

trendy bohemian and retro floral pattern to dress your cushions and rattan sofas

Traveling with traditional flower designs

By drawing inspiration well beyond our borders, the floral motifs used in decoration become a real invitation to travel. Textile designers do not hesitate to delve into these aesthetic universes from the four corners of the world to revisit traditional floral patterns that are as beautiful as they are exotic. The result is particularly original and colorful patterns, capable of bringing a touch of singularity to an armchair, a sofa or curtains. We thus (re)discover Indian canvases and Paisley, patterns evoking the Kranok tradition of Thailand, or recalling the colorful bouquets of Russian popular art (Khokhloma, Jostovo...) These graphic themes with an assertive style work wonders when they dress up decorative accessories!

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