pattern repetition on french design textileaddict

The pattern's repetition

In our French Design by Textile Addict collections you can buy 3 types of ready-to-use patterns: the seamless pattern, the seamless horizontal repeat pattern and the placement pattern. Here are the 3 types of repetitions that you will find in detail:

All-over in repeat, Seamless pattern  on french design textileaddict

The seamless pattern

The seamless pattern (all-over pattern) repeats indefinitely, vertically and horizontally. The repetition is done both vertically and across the pattern in a rectilinear fashion.

The seamless pattern is a continuous and regular repetition of graphic elements over the entire surface, which provides visual balance.

Easy to use, this pattern adapts seamlessly to all media.

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Horizontal repeat only, Seamless horizontal pattern on  french design textileaddict

The seamless horizontal pattern 

The seamless horizontal pattern is a repetition of graphic elements continuously and evenly across the width of the pattern only. The repetition is not done on the height of the pattern as in the case of an seamless pattern. The seamless horizontal patterns of the marketplace are repeated horizontally only.

These are often great motives. They are particularly suitable for panoramic decorations and for products requiring upper parts different from the lower parts of a pattern (ideal for long clothes, curtains, bed linen, table linen, etc.).

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Placement pattern french design textileaddict

The placement pattern

The placement pattern is an isolated design on a support. Unlike the seamless pattern and the seamless horizontal pattern, the placement pattern has no repeat. It looks like an illustration and positions itself as is in the desired location, it does not repeat itself over and over again.

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